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Bill Arning Exhibitions

Bill Arning is long renowned for identifying artists who deserve more recognition and finding creative ways to better expose their genius. He opened Bill Arning Exhibitions in October of 2020 after 4 decades in the field to finally have a forum in which he completely express his often edgy and artist focussed vision. The gallery’s program mixes artists who have enjoyed museum retrospectives with those newly emerging from graduate programs. Some BAE artists have studios blocks while others are based half way around the world. The price range for available works start at one hundred bucks and goes to a quarter million dollars and art lovers at all levels of experience are welcomed to come and savor the program.

Arning’s greatest joy is facilitating artists to make their dream shows and the gallery will go to extraordinary measures to manifest those as unforgettable exhibitions. The space is among the most exquisite in the city of Houston and its location’s unbeatable visibility gives the gallery artists access to a large and diverse public outside of art world regulars. Even the hours - Thursday to Sunday noon to six, and easy parking are designed to be inviting to amateurs and the merely curious, as well as experienced contemporary cultural mavens. 


The gallery frequently hosts live arts with evenings of poetry readings, stand-up comedy, film screenings, artists talks, post-modern burlesque, dance and music performances, book parties as well as community meetings to let folks who are often deeply suspicious of avant grade art enter the space for other reasons and find that indeed they can appreciate visual art’ exquisite pleasures. While the gallery’s program is often edgy and has been known to shock timid viewers, since opening Bill Arning Exhibitions in October of 2020 has successfully grown a large devoted following and added immeasurably to the cultural life of a great art city.

Bill Arning Exhibitions
604 West Alabama 
Houston, TX 77006

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