Jack Meier Gallery


Please join us in welcoming Michael Chmiel of Jack Meier Gallery, one of the oldest art galleries in Houston, to our Association.

Carla Bisong



Effective June 1, 2021, the HAGA Steering Team is proud to welcome Carla Bisong as the new President of the Houston Art Gallery Association, replacing Gus Kopriva who will remain as a member of the Steering Team.

Avoiding Scams


A message from Gus Kopriva,

Redbud Gallery Owner and HAGA President


The Steering Team would like to announce that Carla Bisong has taken the position of Treasurer on May, 2019.

HAGA President Gus Kopriva has also received the great news that our non-profit status has been formally approved, and HAGA is now a 501(c)(6).


One huge win for HAGA and the visual arts community was the passage today of City Of Houston Ordinance number E28724. If you recall from our prior meetings, the City did not have a signed contract with the Houston Arts Alliance since 2015.  Our HAGA Steering Team agreed on a plan to approach the Mayor and communicate with the powers that be for contract signage. 

The contract was approved  by Mayor Turner and Legal  several weeks ago. Today the final step of the process was approved by the  City Council.The ordinance provides approximately $ 6 MM in funds over a five year period for Professional Civic Art and Conservation Administration services between The General Services department and the Houston Airports system. 

I want to thank everyone that helped bring this action to a successful conclusion.

"Houston Art Galleries Band Together"

Paula Newton, Glasstire, 3/15/2018

A group of Houston art galleries have announced the formation of the Houston Art Gallery Association (HAGA).