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Nicole Longnecker Gallery

Nicole Longnecker Gallery is located in the ALARA Garage complex in the West Houston Heights. The gallery offers a range of contemporary art in various media by local, national, and international artists.


Nicole Longnecker Gallery is devoted to promoting diverse artists through an active program of exhibitions, displaying expressions in drawing, painting, printmaking, and sculpture. We believe our exhibits should reflect our culture and should mirror the diversity of our home town, Houston, Texas.

Committed to our artists and their personal narratives and visions; our gallery serves as a venue for them to exhibit and grow professionally. Nicole Longnecker Gallery is dedicated to further promoting visual art in our community by supporting local educational efforts and various non-profit organizations along with engaging new collectors and companies and educating the community about the importance of art.

Nicole Longnecker Gallery

1440 Greengrass Drive

Houston, TX  77008


Nicole Longnecker


Brad Barber

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