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Foto Relevance is under the new name Koslov Larsen

Effective January 1, 2024, Foto Relevance is under the new name Koslov Larsen. The name change will be accompanied by rebranding and a new look. The website is located at

“Our decision to rebrand was in large part precipitated by the artists with whom we work—their practices expanded our mission from our original proposition to focus on contemporary photography to become a gallery presenting innovative photo-based work” said Geoffrey Koslov, one of the co-founders of the gallery. “As our artists’ visions broadened, so have ours.”

Koslov Larsen will continue to show the finest contemporary photo-based work and is broadening its mission in order to showcase artists’ innovative explorations into new mediums and methods. The gallery will continue to present the beautiful variety of traditional photographic processes as before.

Bryn Larsen, co-founder, remarked: “We are delighted to grow with our artists, and to better represent the ways in which much of their collective work is pushing the boundaries of the photographic medium.”

As the gallery prepares for new shows in 2024, the new logo and look, which is fresh and contemporary, is being introduced. Matthew Tabor, Art Director at Letterset Press Houston, crafted the new brand for the gallery and commented on his choice to reference a camera lens: "The use of a circle within the logo mark is a representational personification of the photographer's camera lens as a means of capturing imagery while also paying homage to the gallery's origin as a photo-based institution.”


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