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Art Insurance





Saturday, September 16, 2023



Heidi Vaughan Fine Art

3510 Lake Street, Houston, TX 77098


The Houston Art Gallery Association (HAGA) and Heidi Vaughan Fine Art are proud to present a special talk concerning everything you need to know about insuring art. It will be presented by Adrienne F. Reid, CIC, Senior Vice President of Huntington T. Block Insurance Company. The event is offered to the public free of charge.


Art insurance is not just about high profile art heists and people gluing themselves to frames. From collectors to galleries and museums, art insurance plays a critical role for any art enthusiast.  Join us for an enlightening afternoon as we unravel unique elements of insuring and protecting art. We will discuss common insurance pitfalls and surprising ways that art is most at risk. Whether you are an art enthusiast, gallery owner, collector, or simply curious about the intersection of art and finance, this talk will broaden your horizons on the fascinating world of art preservation.


Huntington T. Block Insurance Agency, Inc. (HTB) is the world’s largest fine art insurance broker, insuring thousands of galleries, museums, collectors, artists, conservators, and art shippers across the United States. For over 60 years, HTB has been the industry leader renowned for its unwavering commitment to protecting and preserving the world of art. Based in Washington DC with offices in Houston and New York City, HTB partners with specialized underwriters to provide broad and comprehensive fine art insurance for its clients. HTB is an endorsed partner of the American Alliance of Museums and the American Institute for Conservation.

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