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Help us promote our city as a recognizable international arts center and improve business conditions of our industry.

HAGA Membership Requirements

The following criteria has to be fulfilled in order to be eligible for membership in HAGA. Membership acceptance is subject to approval and review.


Members must qualify by meeting the minimum qualifications of reputation as set from time to time by the Board of Directors. The foregoing qualifications, upon good cause shown, may be waived by the vote of a majority of the members voting upon membership acceptance after the written recommendation of two-thirds of the membership of the Board of Directors.

  1.  My primary business is to exhibit and trade Fine Art in a permanent space.

  2.  I have open public hours.

  3.  I organize a minimum of 4 exhibitions per year.

  4.  I am in the greater Houston area

  5.  I have been in business as a gallery with the specifications above for at least 1 year.

  6.  Artist owned and/or operated studio/spaces or collective co-ops are not eligible for membership.

Membership: $350 per year

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