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Heidi Vaughan Fine Art

Heidi Vaughan Fine Art is an art gallery and art consulting firm located in the Upper Kirby Galleries in Houston. We are Accredited Members of the International Society of Appraisers and specialize in primary and secondary market art sales, valuation, brokerage, and appraisal services for private, corporate, and institutional clients. We believe in supporting the local community and celebrate the way our artists mirror the diversity of the city. The majority of our artists are Houston-based. All of them live in Texas. We strive for artistic opportunities that contribute positively to the community.

One of the pleasures of owning the work of living artists is knowing them personally. We offer artist talks and collector talks with all of our exhibitions, and regularly provide opportunities for learning. To see what we have coming up, please check us out on our website and social media. We encourage you to join our mailing list through our website and hope you become a regular at the gallery.

Our client-focused services are designed to manage the long-term needs of collectors at all levels. We help people who have never bought art before to become confident collectors through the acquisition of works that have the potential to hold value. On the other end, when it is time to sell, we work with clients to liquidate fine art objects and even entire collections. Along the way, we desire to build a relationship of loyalty, trust, and care. We have affiliations with the major auction houses including Christie’s, Sotheby’s, Bonham’s, and others, and regularly help our clients to source, acquire, and sell art at auction, at art fairs, and even from other galleries. We catalog collections for our clients and recommend updating values every three to five years. Our fine art appraisal reports provide support for estate and financial planning, asset management, insurance coverage, damage and loss claims, charitable donations, and equitable distribution. Our reports are compliant with the most current Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practices, an organization established by Congress to determine ethical guidelines for professional appraisal reporting. We value all kinds of art, from one object to entire museum collections. The level of formality depends on your needs. Please reach out to us for more information!

Heidi Vaughan Fine Art

3510 Lake Street

Houston, TX 77098


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