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Redbud Arts Center



Redbud Arts Center (RAC) is the one nonprofit organization that provides a unique and wide array of low-cost cultural arts solutions to artists and art patrons in Texas.




The RAC is founded by Gustav and Sharon Kopriva for the promotion of and education regarding the Arts. The Redbud Arts Center is a primarily Texas focused full-service art advisory agency, specializing in fine art exhibitions, education, art acquisitions and marketing.  Our services include archiving, appraisals, collection management, engineering, artist residencies, book, and film development. We will provide a venue to showcase both the visual and performing arts. These activities will be available to all and at low or no cost.




Goals are to provide the public community, artists, galleries, collectors, and museum personnel with the following low-cost services:


  • art exhibitions that include works by both established and emerging artists

  • educational workshops that provide the public and art creators with topics involving art history, art making methods, and professional business practices

  • archiving processes and tools to support inventory control and collection management

  • engineering consultation, siting, and materials of construction advice and products for art in public spaces

  • acquisition and sale of art works to provide funding for our nonprofit art organization

  • Redbud Arts Center provides venues for the visual and performing arts

  • partner with Atelierhaus, a nonprofit artist residency in Hilmsen, Germany to furnish studios and housing to artists

  • appraisal advice regarding the value of artwork and logistical guidance to aid in the transportation and installation of art

  • promoting art internationally through exhibitions

  • providing grants for worthy artistic endeavors

  • offer career management options to artists, including film, book publishing and the use of social media

  • providing Information Technology consulting services

  • Redbud Arts Center derives its revenue from donations, grants, and the marketing of art

Gus Kopriva, President

Tanja Peterson, Executive Director

Redbud Arts Center

303 East 11th Street
Houston, Texas 77008

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